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Our Philosophy
Is simple. We believe that learning is a life-long necessity of increasing importance in today's rapidly changing workplace; and that supporting the learning process, especially in areas traditionally under-serviced by educational institutions, is critical not only to those obtaining or upgrading skills but to the economic health of the community as a whole.

The Academy offers a variety of services to the community and its clientele. Are you a potential:

Employer / Sponsor?
Interested in what the Academy can do to provide the training your business or community needs?

  • Customized Programming:
    Flexibility is an important component of any successful training agency, and the Academy will make the extra effort required to develop programs to suit your needs. One-to-one tutoring, in-house training, and small group instruction are just a few of the ways we can customize training.
  • First Nations Community Based Training:
    The Academy understands the need for training specific to First Nation communities. We have conducted successful training programs throughout Northwestern Ontario for aboriginal agencies and communities including: Shooniiyaa Biidoong, Kenora Chiefs Advisory, Coordination Unit, Whitefish Bay, Shoal Lake #39, Washagamis Bay, Onegaming, Northwest Angle #33 #37, among others.
  • Contact us to Develop your Training Plan:
    We invite local business, First Nation administrators, community members and Economic Development and Education officers to contact us. We can work together to develop training programs that includes curriculum tailored to your needs. We have successfully worked with numerous funding agencies and can assist with proposal development.

Employee / Trainee?
Interested in what the Academy can do to train you for a new career or to enhance your skills in your current employment field?
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  • Training Assistance:
    If you are currently unemployed, you may be eligible for training assistance. Call for details or visit the many sponsoring agencies on our links page.

Interested in sharing your skills and your commitment to learning with others?

  • Our Instructors:
    The Academy has an impressive and ever expanding cadre of Instructors to deliver quality and effective skills training. Our goal is to employ persons who are both recognized as professionals in their field and local to the training community. We recognize and acknowledge local talents and value the input of both instructor and community when developing training programs.

Contact us today for your free training needs evaluation. Let us help you design a plan tailored to your needs, your situation and your goals. Talk to one of our staff members today.

Carol Leduc, Executive Director:
Phone (807) 468-3220
Fax (807) 468-3081
E-mail: [email protected]

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